The question I get asked most as a web developer is "how much do you charge for a website?". This is a perfectly good question, but answering it requires some knowledge of the website specification. Without having details provided to me, all I can say in response is "how long is a piece of string?"

In order to give people quotes and estimates, clients must provide as much information as possible. If you are confident in this area, that's great. However, people often don't fully know what aspects they need to consider when planning a website, hence why they come to a proffessional for guidance. If that is the case then don't worry... here is a helpful checklist of the kind of things you may need to consider when asking for a quote on a project:

Pricing Checklist

  • What is the purpose/nature of the site
  • Do you already have a design created, or do you wish for me to do that for you?
  • Do you already own a domain name, or should I purchase one on your behalf?
  • How many pages will the site contain?
  • What content will be on each page?
  • Will you require any of the following:
    • Contact form
    • Login form
    • Content Management System (CMS)
    • Blog

If you are unsure about the answer to any of these points, please don't hesitate to contact me and ask. I would be happy to help.